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Whether you are hosting a 32 player corporate event or a 144 player media extravaganza and fundraiser, The Hawk is the ideal choice. Hundreds of tournament coordinators have chosen The Hawk as the venue for their golf tournaments, and they return again and again! Here are just a few reasons why The Hawk property is the right choice:

Value – We can fit into any tournament budget

Our team guarantees that your players will receive the attention they deserve for any charity fundraiser or VIP corporate event that your group is planning. We view outings in a non-competitive light. Instead, we believe it’s about bringing people together. We are ready to help you make your event a success and keep your guests coming back year after year!

Playability – We put the fun back in golf!

Regardless of your group’s skill level, we believe our course is one of the most enjoyable in the region. All levels of players are attracted to the variety and aesthetic beauty of the game. With its beautiful scenery and relaxed atmosphere, The Hawk offers golfers an experience that is second to none. It doesn’t matter if you plan your outing to be competitive or social; we’ll always make it fun!

Excellent Playing Conditions – We consistently offer pristine course conditions!

There is one compliment we hear again and again at our club: the excellent condition of the course. Each and every day, we strive to maintain a high level of conditioning. Smooth, fast Bentgrass greens, perfectly manicured fairways, and well-maintained bunkers; all the details you would expect at an award-winning facility.

The Perfect Location – We’re close enough to Chicago to make it easy!

The Hawk features 18 distinct holes in a great location. You can easily access the club from major highways and we are 45 minutes from downtown Chicago.

Event Planning – We’ll do all the work… You’ll take all the credit!

Golf tournament planning can be difficult, but at The Hawk, we strive to make the process as easy as possible. Before, during, and after your golf outing, we aim to create a fun experience for you as well as your players. Our staff arranges your tee times, designs a menu suited to your taste and budget, assists with scoring and signage, and arranges prizes and contests on the course. No matter what you need, our staff is here to assist you.

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